characteristics and description of the variety, reviews, photos, yield

characteristics and description of the variety, reviews, photos, yield

Official data

Applicant and originator of the variability Gavrish Breeding Firm LLC, Moscow Russia. They submitted an software for admission to the register of breeding achievements for consideration in 1998, and in 2001 the variability was entered within the register beneath quantity 9806059.

The registration fee allowed the variability for use in all areas of the Russian Federation, and “Bonsai” is really helpful as an early maturing one for cultivation in room circumstances, on balconies and loggias.

Traits and outline

The ripening of the indoor fruits begins at 95-97 days after the second when all of the sown dwell seeds have totally grown.

The vegetative type of the tomato doesn’t exceed 50 cm, the plant is determinant and is independently shaped as a stem.

The leaf plate is medium in dimension, darkish inexperienced and barely wrinkled. The inflorescence begins to be laid over the 6-7 leaf, and additional the separation by the leaf now not happens. The inflorescence is of intermediate sort.

Fruit “Bonsai” spherical, clean, shiny. The colour is vivid crimson. The mass of the ripened fruit varies within the vary of 25-30 g. Slicing a tomato, you may see two seed nests with small seed.

The tasting analysis by the fee is “wonderful”. Those that grew a tomato of this selection totally agree with this evaluation. Tomatoes are nice, not agency and moderately dense. To style, the fruits make it doable to know that that is probably the most scrumptious tomato that you’ve been dreaming about all winter, however with Bonsay you may even afford the luxurious of style in January.

The sugars and natural acids within the fruit are in a really balanced state, and this makes the style very nice.

Rising a Bonsai tomato opinions, photographs, yields will be thought-about firsthand, however the register of sorts signifies that every bush produces 1 kg of high-quality fruit.

Illness and Pest Resistance

Because the tomato is meant for rising indoors, the place the temperature is steady and humidity is maintained, there are not any circumstances for the event of microscopic fungi.

None of those that have already grown a range, don’t give details about any nuances with ailments and pests.

It is senseless to course of the plant for no obvious cause, and sustaining optimum circumstances will present the variability with robust immunity.

Benefits and drawbacks

For many who need to adorn their residence and have a harvest, the variability “Bonsai” is probably the most appropriate, given its variety of benefits:

  • straightforward to develop;
  • suitability for rooms, loggias, balconies;
  • no want for garters and helps;
  • nice style;
  • excessive business high quality podov.

Opinions of vegetable growers and people who embellished their houses with pots with tomatoes, as a substitute of flowers, are unanimous – the variability is great for indoor circumstances and has no disadvantages.

Options of rising varieties

When rising tomato in a room, it is advisable think about that it wants:

  • south window (in a pinch, east);
  • pot with a capability of at the very least 1 liter;
  • nutrient soil;
  • backlight (if the cultivation will fall for the winter months).

The identical necessities are put ahead for balconies and loggias.Nevertheless, on this case it’s nonetheless crucial to keep up the temperature.

The optimum circumstances for a tomato are air temperatures throughout the day 22-24 ᵒC, and at night time 16-18 C.

If with the route of sunshine and temperature indicators, every little thing is obvious, then the pot must be bought. Crops in outdated pots, cans and different utensils look ridiculous. The ceramic pot would be the greatest “residence” for a tomato, however plastic flower pots may also work.

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Soil preparation

Nutritious soil will be bought at a flower store or backyard heart. Common soil is kind of appropriate for the cultivation of tomato. The primers ready by agrarians have an a variety of benefits:

  • they’re nutritionally balanced;
  • have a balanced acidity;
  • matched by permeability;
  • structured by air permeability;
  • don’t require extra enrichment fertilizers.

For those who resolve to make a soil combine your self, then it ought to include:

  • recent compost;
  • backyard land (one on which no solanaceous crops have been grown);
  • ripened humus;
  • coarse sand.

The proportions of the parts ought to be 1: 1: 1: 0.3. To a bucket of this combination it is advisable add 1 tbsp. spoon of superphosphate and 1 tbsp. spoon of ammonium nitrate. The combination is ready prematurely, to give the chance to mature. The very best time for ageing is 5-6 months (we’re making ready from autumn, to be used in spring). If this chance is already missed, then at the very least 2-Three weeks.

Rising seedlings

So as to not develop seedlings greater than crucial is decided prematurely with the quantity, on condition that one plant will develop in a single pot. If cultivation will happen on a loggia or balcony in the identical container, then the space between crops ought to be 30–35 cm. Primarily based on this, the variety of seeds for sowing ought to be calculated.

By buying seeds it’s unimaginable to precisely calculate what number of of them are sown, since we can’t be positive of germination. With the intention to sow exactly (nonetheless, a reserve of 1-2 is required in any case) the seeds will be placed on a saucer by which to pre-place filter (rest room) paper soaked in heat water. It’s essential to put the saucer in a plastic bag and place it in a heat place.

After 2-Three days, the dwelling seeds will hatch (they’ll present a white backbone), and never the dwelling will stay with out a root. It’s essential to sow solely those who confirmed indicators of life.


To develop seedlings there is no such thing as a must sow every seed in a separate giant pot. Till fruiting, sprouts will look lonely and ridiculous. It’s higher to sow all of the seeds in a single container.

We fill the flower pot on this order:

  1. On the backside of the flower pot lay drainage (damaged shards of pottery, expanded clay);
  2. Sand (layer 1 cm);
  3. The soil combine is ​​2/Three of the pot top.

Earth is compacted. Unfold the seeds alongside the floor with a distance of two.5–Three cm between them. Sprinkle with soil 1.5–2 cm, compact, sprinkle with heat water and placed on a plastic bag.


Earlier than germination, the temperature ought to be maintained inside 24-26 C day and night time. Shoots will seem in 4-5 days. As quickly as all of the seeds develop, we decrease the temperature throughout the day to 18-20 ᵒC, and at night time to 14-16 ᵒC. Creating coolness will assist the seedlings to not stretch and their shoots shall be stocky.

At this second it’s essential to have a really vivid room or extra lighting of shoots with particular phyto lamps.

Watering is carried out with heat water (2-3 ° C above room temperature). Watering with chilly water can result in fungal illness, black leg.

Water for irrigation is best to take rain, snow or settled.

Watering is greatest performed within the morning when the depth of biochemical processes in plant cells will increase.

If the soil combination is ready accurately, then there is no such thing as a want for dressing throughout the interval of development of seedlings.

As shoots develop, soil combine is ​​continually added to them. Thus, the pot is stuffed virtually to the highest.

Transplant to a everlasting place

Often seedlings are seated within the part of two true leaves. Nevertheless, when grown on a windowsill, it’s higher to attend for the second when the bushes will come into contact with one another with leaves, and already on this case, plant in separate pots.

We fill the containers in the identical means as for rising seedlings. Tomato sprout taken out of the widespread pot, if doable with out destroying earthen room.

Within the heart of the pot, we make a recess and plant a tomato bush there, deepening it alongside the cotyledon leaves. Sprinkle the rhizome and compact the soil.

Watering is carried out with heat water in order that extra water will definitely come out into the pan by the drain gap.

Rising in a greenhouse

If we think about this selection for a greenhouse, then planting it in beds is just not worthwhile, because the yield is just not excessive and the greenhouse itself shall be empty.

Planting varieties in hanging pots or on greenhouse cabinets in pots is one other matter totally.

If cultivation is carried out in pots, they’re suspended in order that at the very least 60 cm is left on the ceiling, because the selection is stem and won’t hold down.

If the greenhouse is provided with facet cabinets, in a single or a number of rows, then pots with seedlings or crops already planted alone are put in on them. On this case, it is advisable keep in mind the nuance that the tomato bush shouldn’t contact the movie. Since it may well type condensate, which is the setting for the event of microscopic fungi.

The cabinets should even be robust, it will assist keep away from a collapse, for pots have a weight of at the very least 1.5 kg, and 10 pots are already 15 kg, which is critical for a fragile shelf.

Rising up on the balcony

If the balcony is totally glazed and insulated, then by selecting a Bonsai tomato, cultivation on the balcony will be began in April. Seedlings ought to be grown in the identical pot in room circumstances, having sown in March, after which plant the crops in particular person pots and put them on the balcony window sills and cabinets.

As with rising in greenhouses, you may put pots on the balcony not solely on window sills, but in addition on fitted cabinets, cabinets, and hanging pots.

If the balcony faces south, then you need to handle shading, as a result of the warmth adversely impacts the plant.

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Wherever it’s determined to develop tomato varieties “Bonsai” he’ll want:

Watering is carried out solely with heat water, ideally within the morning. An earthen ball ought to be utterly soaked.

The multiplicity of irrigation is chosen relying on the temperature, mild, humidity. Leaves will assist decide the optimality. If they’re elastic, vivid, then the plant feels good. If the turgor of the leaves is misplaced, and so they look privyashih, then moisture provide is just not sufficient.

You’ll be able to decide the humidity and earthy coma. Contact your finger on the bottom, after which look at it. If the particles of the earth are left on the finger, you may wait somewhat with irrigation, but when the finger is completely clear, watering is important.

High dressing

For profitable fruiting and a phenomenal sort of plant type, fertilizing with complicated preparations is important.

2 weeks after transplantation in particular person pots, tomatoes have to be fed with nitrogenous options. To do that, dissolve Three g of ammonium nitrate in a liter of water and pour 100 ml beneath every bush.

The second feeding is carried out in 2 weeks. Three g of potassium sulfate ought to be dissolved in a single liter of water and 100 ml must also be poured beneath every bush.

After one other two weeks, re-feeding. In a liter of water we dissolve Three g of superphosphate and add 100 ml to every pot once more.

Such alternation will assist the plant to be robust, dense and in time to put flower brushes.

Outlets for gardeners supply common fertilizers for feeding crops in every rising season. They’re balanced not solely in macroelements, but in addition in micro, which is essential for rising tomato in a restricted area.

High dressings understand each in a dry, crystal type, and in liquid. Utilizing these medicine, dissolving and in accordance with the directions, you may simply perform extra feeding and obtain plentiful flowering and fruiting of the tomato bush.

Formation and doable nuances

Tomato “Bonsai” refers to these varieties that type themselves. He doesn’t require your consideration. There isn’t a must pinch and tie up, in addition to set up helps and every kind of clamps.

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The plant type, if all agrotechnical measures are carried out accurately, seems like a small tree hung with crimson fruits. Nevertheless, if the illumination was not sufficient, the bushes can attain for the sunshine and shall be increased than genetically included. On this case, with a purpose to keep away from breakages of the shoots, it’s crucial to determine a assist and tie up the stretched processes.

Rising “Bonsai” you get the wonder and harvest.

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