Cananga odorata, Ylang-Ylang: Queen of the Perfume World

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Two individuals and one plant participated within the creation of the world
well-known perfume, “Chanel # 5.”

The inventors of this famend fragrance had been Gabrielle “Coco”
Chanel, and Ernest Bo (Beaux) who was born in 1881 in Moscow. Bo was
the son of the proprietor of the perfumery firm Rallet, which delivered
perfumery to the imperial court docket. He later turned Rallet’s director.

When Bo emigrated after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the manufacturing facility
continued to exist, and in Soviet instances was referred to as “The Pink Moscow.”
If it hadn’t been for the Revolution, “Pink Moscow” and “Chanel”
more than likely would have remained unknown.

Chanel requested Bo to make “a great odor for a girl.” In
1921, he introduced two sequence of samples: from the first to the fifth, and
from the 20th to the 24th. Chanel selected the fifth, which consisted of
the aromas of a rose, a jasmine and Ylang-Ylang flowers.

When questioned about giving it a reputation, she answered that the gathering
can be on sale on the fifth day of the fifth month, and consequently it
was referred to as “Chanel # 5.”

Within the 1950’s, a quip from Marilyn Monroe created instantaneous worldwide
reputation for Chanel # 5. When requested by journalists what she wore in
mattress, Marilyn smiled and answered “Chanel # 5.”

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Ylang-Ylang (Cananga
) is a big evergreen tropical tree of the Annonaceae
household, which grows to 100 ft. in peak. It has drooping branches and
yellow, long-petaled flowers whose perfume will be smelled from a distance
of 30 ft. or extra. It originated in Indonesia and is broadly distributed
in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and the Polynesian islands.

The Annonaceae
household is comprised of about 130 tropical and subtropical vegetation,
amongst that are many well-known unique fruit bushes such because the so-called
“custard-apples.” These embrace a Sugar Apple (Annona
squamosa), Soursop (Annona
muricata), Cherimoya (Annona
cherimola), and Rollinia
deliciosa. The household additionally consists of many different aromatic vegetation,
corresponding to Desmos (Desmos
chinensis) and Artabotrys (Artabotrys

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Ylang-Ylang grows from seeds and begins to bloom in three to 4 years.
The flower adjustments shade from pale inexperienced to lemon yellow. Previous flowers
have a darkish yellow shade with brown spots and are about 2″ lengthy with
slender petals gracefully hanging down, reminding one in every of a chic accent
for an expensive designer night costume.
Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike


Along with its great perfume, the plant blooms virtually
12 months spherical. Its branches are fully coated with clusters of flowers
and darkish inexperienced oval fruits. Ripe fruits have a black shade. Not like some
Annonaceae, Ylang-Ylang fruits are usually not utilized in meals; nevertheless they’re
fairly edible and have the tart however nice aroma of a conifer or juniper.

Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike Even when not in bloom, the tree may be very lovely with branches that
appear like these of Christmas bushes. Its leaves are giant, darkish inexperienced and
are situated on the department in pairs, which creates the phantasm of a “Christmas

Tatiana & Mike

There’s additionally a dwarfish model of the Ylang-Ylang tree, Fruticosa,
which is a small tree or a bush that grows as much as 6 ft. tall and begins
blooming when the plant is just one to 1? toes tall. The spicy aroma of
the Fruticosa flower just isn’t as robust as that of the flowers of full-sized

Nonetheless, this dwarf may be very common amongst gardeners as a result of it’s ideally
fitted to indoor or patio container tradition.

Fruticosa flowers have a extra swish kind with the ends of the petals
barely twisted inside, resembling the scalloped edges of a mollusk

Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike

In Tagalog, one of the widespread languages of the Philippines
and the second most-spoken Asian language within the USA after Chinese language,
“Ylang Ylang” (to be actual, “alang-alang”) means
“a flower of all flowers.”

The Philippine legend tells a couple of married couple who had every part
of their life besides kids. In a dream, the gods got here to them and
promised to grant them a daughter, supplied that the lady ought to by no means
contact a person as soon as she matures. The lady was named Ilang (“Flower”).
She grew to be a real magnificence, and there was no lack of males asking to
marry her, however her dad and mom guarded her so as to not break their settlement
with the gods. Someday when the dad and mom weren’t at house, Ilang went
to her backyard to gather a bouquet of flowers. Unexpectedly, there appeared
a younger man who for a very long time had been in love along with her.

He held her by her hand and stated, “I really like you, be my spouse.”
Immediately the lady disappeared, turning right into a small tree with very
aromatic flowers. “Ilang! Ilang!” cried the younger man. Since
that day, it’s stated that the younger man continues to wander the magic
backyard, calling out her identify all through eternity.

The flowers of the Ylang Ylang are pollinated by evening moths; subsequently
essentially the most intensive odor is launched from nightfall till daybreak. The flowers
for use by the distillation course of are picked at dawn when their
aroma is essentially the most intense.

Important oil is produced utilizing a technique of distillation, in contrast to some
different flowers such because the jasmine. The important oil of jasmine is extracted
by its absorbsion right into a layer of fats on which the flowers are laid.
Solely then does distillation develop into part of the method. The fats is
distilled to acquire the aroma. Those that have learn the novel “Fragrance”
by Patrick Suskind are fairly acquainted with the speculation of aroma extraction…

Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike

The distillation course of takes 14 hours and begins within the early morning
with the choosing of yellow flowers. A copper, hermetically-sealed jar
containing roughly 200 kilos of flowers is full of 15 gallons
of water. The results of distillation is about 1-2 liters (or 1-2 quarts)
of oil with essentially the most intense aroma that is named “Ylang Ylang

Then the method of distillations is repeated and lower-grade oil is
produced. It’s referred to as merely “Ylang Ylang oil.” The varied
gradations of concentrated aroma are numbered 1, 2 and three. Lastly, the
distillation produces oil referred to as “Cananga Oil” which is used
in aromatic cleaning soap manufacturing.

Generally as an alternative of distillation, the flowers are used straight for
preparation of aromatic soaps, candles, and different merchandise. We put a
flower on our automobile’s dashboard. When it was heated by the solar, it let
out a pleasant aroma that lasted a number of days and was much better than
any air-freshener.

From historical instances, ladies in Philippines adorned themselves with
Ylang Ylang flowers, from which, along with flowers of Sampaguita
(Jasmin Sambac or “Maid of Orleans”) they made garlands resembling
Hawaiian leis. These offered for five pesos (presently, $1 US = 55 pesos).
A kilogram (2.2 kilos) of Ylang Ylang flowers prices about 20-50 pesos
(much less that $1 US). From a kilogram, it’s attainable to supply about
10-20 milliliters (lower than an oz.) of the very best quality oil. A liter
(about 1 quart) of oil within the Philippines prices from 7,500 as much as 10,000
pesos ($150-$200), relying on the standard.

On the Web, a mere 10 milliliters of oil of Ylang Ylang prices
about $10-20 relying on the grade. The second grade Ylang Ylang oil
just isn’t inferior, however extra of it’s required to create desired perfume
depth. Notice that when one buys Ylang-Ylang oil on the web,
she or he has to pay 10 to 20 instances as a lot because it prices within the Philippines.
That is sufficient revenue to consider rising one’s personal groves of Ylang-Ylang.
Nonetheless, in the event you actually resolve to do that, then it’s best to go both
to the Philippines or to the Comoro Islands.

Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike

Earlier than the First World Warfare, the Philippines was the middle for producing
oils. The German pharmacist F. Shtek, the proprietor of the primary Manila
drugstore, “Bodice Boer,” first acquired high-quality Ylang-Ylang
oil within the second half of 19th century. The pharmacy was situated on
the Escolta in Manila, which was one in every of its most trendy streets,
much like fifth Avenue in New York. Because of this the aromatic oil received
reputation in excessive society throughout Philippines, after which in Europe
and America. Earlier than the primary World Warfare, the Philippines had a monopoly
within the manufacture of this oil, however after the battle, Germany had different
priorities, and France transferred cultivation of the bushes to the Comoro

Most probably, “Coco” Chanel acquired the oil from the Comoro
Islands as a result of, by 1920, cultivation of Ylang-Ylang within the Philippines
had sharply declined. At one of the best of instances, the Comoro Islands produced
90% of the world’s Ylang-Ylang oil from 1.2 million bushes. Throughout the
1960’s to 1970’s, this manufacturing declined as a result of introduction of
artificial fragrances on the world market.

With the rising reputation of aromatherapy, there was a revival
of economic merchandise utilizing Ylang-Ylang from the Philippines. Within the provinces
of Pampanga and Tarlac there are literally thousands of hectares (1 hectare = 2.47acres)
rising 20,000-30,000 bushes. It is actually not 1.2 million, however simply think about
the aroma! It should troublesome to promote fragrance the place every part smells like
Chanel # 5!

Within the Philippines, Ylang Ylang flowers had been thought of good for driving
away malicious spirits. In Indonesia, it was prized as an aphrodisiac
and the flowers had been scattered on the beds of the newly married. Ylang
Ylang oil was really helpful for girls in harems to intensify sexual attraction.
In China, the garments of people that may afford it had been sprayed with
Ylang Ylang oil earlier than storing them in chests. (The odor of a winter
coat, pulled out from a chest was actually extra nice than the odor
of the naphthalene that’s used now).

Moreover perfumery, Ylang Ylang flowers additionally had medicinal purposes.
Within the Philippines, the flowers had been crushed and utilized to the websites
of insect stings and snake bites. The oil was additionally used for pores and skin and
hair as a result of it was thought to enhance hair progress. In England, in second
half of the19th century, Ylang Ylang was one of many parts of oil
used for “rising hair.” Whether or not it actually helped hair progress,
we do not know, however, in any case, a bald head will need to have smelled very

Tatiana & Mike
Tatiana & Mike It’s now modern in aromatherapy to make use of Ylang Ylang oil, which
is often the third gradation, to alleviate stress, nervousness, and excessive
blood stress. Since it’s thought of a chilled aroma, you possibly can most likely
maintain your neighbor’s aggressive canine at bay by planting Ylang Ylang in
your yard.

Along with Chanel #5, Ylang Ylang is utilized in different perfumes corresponding to
“Aqua De Gio” by Giorgio Armani, “Poison” by Christian
Dior, and “Elise Fields” (“Champs Elysee”) by Guerlain.

As a shower oil: Add 1-2 drops to a shower for a soothing impact. Different
variations: Add Three drops of lavender, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, and a pair of drops of
juice from a grapefruit.

For Therapeutic massage: Add 1-2 drops of Ylang Ylang to odorless therapeutic massage oil.
A extra refined recipe recommends additionally including 5 drops of sandal oil, Four drops
of pink oil and a droplet of patchouli. This combination will assure an amazing
therapeutic massage.

An fragrant combine: add Eight drops of Ylang Ylang, Eight drops of lemon juice,
and eight drops of basil. In case you add a number of drops of this combination to a therapeutic
spray, it should work effectively to alleviate weariness and stress, and so forth.

A Cologne: Receive 5 ml (about 1/5 oz.) of spirits (It’s fascinating
to do your individual clearing fairly than utilizing denatured alcohol). Combine the spirits
with distilled water to a 50% focus. (Most likely one may use vodka
if no different spirits can be found). Add 12 drops patchouli, Three drops of geranium
sap, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, and a bit little bit of cinnamon (leaves or bark
will do). This combination will produce very nice cologne.

A potpourri: Combine in a glass vessel (that has a hermetically-sealed
cowl) a bit oil of Ylang Ylang (or flowers), a bit dry tangerine/orange/lemon
peel, some leaves or bark from a cinnamon tree, a bay leaf, and some leaves
from a carnation plant. Hold the vessel closed for 3-Four weeks, periodically
shaking it. The ensuing tincture can then be used to scent linens, mattress sheets,
garments, and so forth.

You may create your individual distinctive recipes utilizing Ylang Ylang. Experiment and
awaken passions!

Tatiana & Mike

Cananga odorata is a wonderful panorama tree, however sadly,
it hasn’t been broadly launched but.

Its options are quite a few:

1) it is extremely quick rising – you will have a mature tree in no lime
2) its good columnar form requires no particular pruning
3) its roots are noninvasive
4) it has virtually no pest issues
5} it isn’t messy as a result of it would not drop a lot leaves, and it is evergreen
6) its branches are versatile within the wind
7) it blooms virtually year-round and can suffuse all your neighborhood
with a nice perfume.

Regardless that Cananga odorata is taken into account lo be a tropical plant, it prospers
in most subtropical zones and as soon as established, can survive brief intervals
of chilly (above 30°F anyway). As is attribute of each warm-climate plant,
it would not like chilly winds, however on the identical time, the tree can face up to
fairly robust wind actions.

As a panorama tree, the Ylang-Ylang presents, apart from its flexibility and
year-round aroma, two extra particular options – this can be very quick rising
and large. As soon as planted within the floor, the tree reaches its maturity inside
just one to 2 years, begins blooming, and creates a pleasant, virtually Christmas-Tree-like
cover with drooping branches. Since in only some years, it may well develop into as
excessive us 60 ft tall and 15 toes vast, it’s worthwhile to plan forward! On the identical time,
the Ylang-Ylang’s roots are usually not invasive, so it should not injury driveways
or pavements.

Gentle. Present full solar to make sure higher flowering.

Water & Humidity. Water your Ylang-Ylang each day for the primary
2-Three weeks after you plant it. Then common sprinkler irrigation will
be ample. Cananga is a rainforest tropical tree that thrives greatest
in a high-humidity atmosphere.

Fertilization. Fertilize the plant with one-half dose of blooming-grade
balanced fertilizer at the very least as soon as a month through the progress interval to
encourage blooming; no fertilizing is required from the autumn to the
early spring.

Pests. The tree is virtually pest-free. No particular therapies
are often required to maintain it wholesome.

Generally, artistic gardeners who lack room of their gardens prepare
the plant right into a shrub. Such a compact Ylang-Ylang will nonetheless present
great perfumed flowers 12 months spherical. The process have to be began
as early as on 8-10 inch seedling by pinching the very prime level of
progress. Do not wait till the seedling turns into too woody, or if you
plant within the floor, the tree will sprout up a protracted stem. If completed in
time, trimming can create a pleasant shrubby look.

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In case you stay up north and order this plant from a mail-order nursery,
then the next info could enable you to.

The low humidity the Ylang-Ylang experiences throughout cargo could trigger
some leaves to drop off or flip yellow/brown/black. As soon as your plant
arrives, pot it instantly in well-drained potting combine. Water it effectively
and place the pot in a brilliant shade location. Putting a water tray with
pebbles beneath the pot will preserve the next humidity stage, as will
frequent misting or a plastic bag over the foliage.

In case you develop this plant indoors with AC, it’d simply die since air
conditioning tremendously reduces humidity.

Usually, Cananga recovers from transportation stress in per week or
two. If the stem was bent barely within the field, don’t worry – it should
straighten up in a number of days. In case you present the best circumstances and
correct care, your Ylang-Ylang tree will sprout new progress in only a
few weeks.

If the leaves flip brown or black, the humidity stage is simply too low. One other
essential issue – keep away from too giant a distinction in day/evening temperatures.

Rising Cananga odorata requires some persistence – simply watch out with
your plant and the rewards shall be nice!

Upacked ylang-ylang vegetation after Eight days transport

Tatiana & Mike

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