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Zeolith MED® can be utilized every day for the entire household as a pure, organic regulator for well being safety by means of the prevention and alleviation of signs whose causes hint again to publicity to pollution. Zeolite MED®, a pure medical product from the pure mineral Zeolite, can bind to dangerous substances within the gastrointestinal tract like a sponge and draw them out of the physique by pure means. Burdened with dangerous substances, Zeolite MED®, which is indigestible, is of course excreted with stool by way of the intestines with out burdening the metabolism.

Pure zeolite acts like a sponge and may help relieve the gastrointestinal tract and detox organs such because the liver.

Therapeutic clay has been used as a pure treatment for quite a lot of well being issues for the reason that Center Ages. Relying on the applying and variant, therapeutic clay consists of powdered rock with numerous elements, resembling loess, peat, loam, clay, moor and others.

Pure zeolite will also be used to assist your well being. Zeolite is a pure rock of volcanic origin. The floor of the silicon-rich mineral is especially able to binding pollution. The method that takes place is known as adsorption.

Adsorption is a bodily course of by which substances get caught to the floor of one other substance and accumulate on it.
Attributable to its microporously structured floor and its capability to change ions, zeolite affords nice potential for the adhesion of different substances. This permits it to behave like a sponge and to bind pollution.

In use for a very long time

Already in historical occasions, pure zeolite was used for detoxing within the type of clinoptilolite. After the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe, the constructing was encased in a cement belt containing tonnes of zeolite. The pulverized mineral was additionally used to decontaminate folks and the surroundings.

If zeolite is used for medical functions, it’s used as clinoptilolite – a pure, microporous tuff rock. The pure zeolite has a crystal lattice construction with many cavities. The latter include cations resembling calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.
Attributable to its construction, zeolite can adsorb substances on the one hand and trigger ion change on the opposite: Adsorption causes overseas matter to stick to the floor of the rock. The same course of can even happen throughout ion change: Right here the cations of the mineral will be launched and exchanged by pollutant ions within the physique.
Like a sponge, the mineral is ready to bind dangerous substances within the digestive tract and lead them naturally out of the organism. Attributable to this particular composition, zeolite can act as a pure bioregulator within the physique and can be utilized to forestall and alleviate well being issues brought on by dangerous substances. Zeolite itself is indigestible and is excreted by means of the intestines.

Zeolite works by means of the binding (adsorption) of:

  • Heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)
  • Aluminium
  • Ammonium
  • Histamine

Zeolite MED® can be utilized for liver reduction by means of detoxing of the intestinal tract.

The impact of Zeolite is predicated on its explicit property of binding, by means of selective ion change and adsorption, to dangerous substances like aluminium (Al3+), lead (Pb2+), mercury (Hg2+), cadmium (Cd2+), ammonium (NH4+) and histamine (C5H9N3). Schema for selective ion change:

Pure Zeolite construction:
natural Zeolite structure

The pure mineral Zeolite has been used since antiquity because of its particular impact on the human physique for pure detoxing and is understood for its efficient pollutant-binding property (adsorption). We offer pure Zeolite as a examined, licensed medical product in pharmacy high quality for inner and exterior use.

In preventive care, one considers each measure that may inhibit or decelerate an impairment to at least one’s well being (sickness, damage) or cut back the probability of 1 occuring. Prevention is one of the best drugs. Zeolite MED® proves its impact earlier than sure pollution arrive in your bloodstream, since Zeolite can bind to sure undesirable pollution already within the digestive system even earlier than they’re absorbed by the physique and thereby assist to forestall sicknesses which might be linked to elevated publicity to pollution.

The flexibility of Zeolite MED® to bind to and draw out pollution permits for it for use therapeutically or to accompany remedy as wanted, significantly with elevated histamine publicity and histamine intolerance resembling allergy symptoms, gastrointestinal tract sicknesses, liver malfunction or elevated pressure on the liver by means of ammonium compounds. The enrichment of poisonous metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium and different substances like ammonium and histamine will be the reason for quite a lot of continual sicknesses.

Zeolite possesses sturdy pollutant-binding and absorbing properties. It’s also in a position to neutralize free (oxygen based mostly) radicals within the intestines and thereby additionally possesses an antioxidative impact. Oxidative stress can negatively have an effect on the physique.

  • Abdomen flu
    Zeolite can be utilized to accompany remedy. Zeolite calms the bowels and unburdens the physique by means of the absorption of sure pollution and heavy metals.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
    A variety of generally occuring gastrointestinal tract sicknesses fall below the time period “irritable bowel syndrome”. Zeolite can contribute to the discount of signs as a result of it’s used as a medical product for regulating the intestines. The publicity of the gastrointestinal tract to pollution, dangerous substances, industrial chemical compounds and radioactive particles that we take in with meals will be successfully diminished with Zeolite. Moreover, Zeolite works for allergy symptoms which can additionally play a job in irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Diarrhea and Constipation
    Zeolite calms the bowels and is subsequently utilized for the alleviation of assorted gastrointestinal sicknesses resembling diarrhea or constipation.

Usually, we take in heavy metals with out even realizing it. Outdated lead pipes, unsafe ingesting water whereas on vacation or excessive concentrations of mercury in seafood can burden our our bodies and result in a variety of sicknesses. Zeolite works as a detoxifier and may help shield the physique towards heavy metals, pesticides and different dangerous substances.

The wholesome human physique is generally in a position to metabolize toxins in meals in addition to toxins from the surroundings to a sure diploma. Nevertheless, sure pre-existing situations – resembling liver injury, allergy symptoms or gastro-intestinal ailments – may cause the physique to lose its interior steadiness and now not be capable of cope simply with the breakdown of pollution. Extreme consumption of poisons or publicity to significantly poisonous substances, resembling heavy metals, additionally pushes the physique to its limits: This results in ailments and the storage of dangerous substances within the organism.
When pre-existing ailments are current, you will need to maintain the organism as little as attainable in pollution. This may be achieved, for instance, with a strictly managed food regimen. However even with this, it’s not actually attainable to maintain probably dangerous substances, resembling lead or cadmium, fully out of the physique.

Taking zeolite can have a constructive impact on the gastrointestinal tract and likewise relieve the liver as it’s relieved of dangerous substances.
Among the many substances that pure zeolite can selectively bind are heavy metals resembling lead, mercury and cadmium in addition to different probably dangerous substances resembling aluminium, ammonium and histamine. 

It’s normally assumed that the danger of contracting heavy metallic poisoning in Germany is comparatively low in on a regular basis life. Strict authorized necessities convey the sensation that it’s slightly unlikely to come back into contact with a harmful dose of dangerous substances.
The truth, nonetheless, is completely different. The truth is, nearly everyone seems to be uncovered to some type of poisonous substance each day. Usually heavy metals are even ingested instantly by means of meals.

What about lead, for instance? In earlier occasions there was numerous lead poisoning, because the heavy metallic was current in on a regular basis life in lots of locations. Within the meantime, nonetheless, the occasions when crockery and cutlery containing lead have been used are over. As well as, lead-free petrol has established itself as the usual for a number of many years. Leaded stains are additionally averted so far as attainable.
However, lead can develop into a well being hazard, for instance if lead pipes have been utilized in a home and haven’t been changed. It’s also attainable that previous cups and spoons containing lead are nonetheless circulating (and even getting used) in some households. As well as, it might probably additionally occur in particular person instances that you just come into contact with lead in your job, for instance when you work with anti-rust paint. And final however not least, magnificence care can even make folks unwell, for instance when dangerous lead has been utilized in ointments and lotions to create a very gentle complexion.

Lead poisoning happens when lead is absorbed into the organism by way of the gastrointestinal tract, the pores and skin or the respiratory tract.
Relying on the kind, length and depth of lead publicity, folks with lead poisoning have acute or continual lead poisoning. This explicit kind of poisoning is also referred to as saturnism.


Acute lead poisoning manifests itself in signs resembling complications, aching limbs, fatigue and gastrointestinal complaints.
If the course of the illness is continual, lead anaemia, i.e. anaemia brought on by lead, and a lead tinge on the gums can happen. Different signs of continual lead poisoning embrace nerve injury (polyneuropathy), problems of mind features (encephalopathy), convulsive belly ache (lead colic), kidney injury and paralysis of the hand (falling hand).
These generally widespread signs outcome from the truth that lead can injury numerous organ methods of the physique. Relying on the quantity absorbed, the heavy metallic has an impact on the central and peripheral nervous system, the bone marrow (and thus on blood formation), the kidneys, the digestive tract, the gonads and the pores and skin. The latter can even result in continual lead poisoning, specifically, being accompanied by the pale, greyish-yellow “lead colouring” of the pores and skin. 


The severity of lead poisoning will depend on the extent of lead focus within the blood. People who find themselves acutely severely poisoned can fall right into a coma and die of circulatory failure.
After lead has been absorbed, it first results in the blood, is later distributed within the gentle tissues and is then partially excreted once more. The opposite half is saved in bones and enamel within the type of lead phosphate. It stays there with a half-life of as much as 20 years. In occasions by which the physique degrades bone substance, it might probably additionally result in elevated blood-lead-values with out exterior influences. Animal experiments point out that lead may even have a carcinogenic impact.
Moreover, lead is placental-prone. Because of this it might probably go from the mom to the embryo and injury it.

Mercury poisoning can be referred to as mercurialism. The inhabitants is normally afraid of coming into contact with mercury vapours by means of damaged fever thermometers or energy-saving lamps. Typically, nonetheless, the quantity of mercury launched in such instances is simply too small to trigger extreme poisoning. However, previous thermometers and energy-saving lamps with mercury should at all times be handled with vigilance and, within the occasion of breakage, instantly sealed hermetic and the room by which the incident happens nicely ventilated as rapidly as attainable.
A better danger of mercury poisoning exists for individuals who work instantly with the heavy metallic. This may be the case, for instance, in laboratories and within the manufacture of thermometers. Mercury has a excessive vapour strain – this enables the heavy metallic to steadiness with the environment of a room with out ample air change.
Mercury will be inhaled or absorbed by means of the pores and skin. It’s also attainable for the heavy metallic to enter the physique throughout ingestion, for instance by means of the consumption of contaminated fish.


The acute type of mercury intoxication begins with signs resembling complications, dry mouth, dizziness and nausea and is subsequently characterised by extreme vomiting. Untreated, the illness destroys the kidneys and liver.
Sub-acute mercury poisoning results in signs resembling elevated salivation and irritation in addition to ulcers of the mucous membranes (stomatitis mercurialis). The latter impacts specifically the gums, on which a darkish seam types because of the saved mercury sulphide. It’s also attainable that injury to the intestines and kidneys might happen.
The continual type of the illness will also be accompanied by stomatitis mercurialis. Particularly if the heavy metallic has been absorbed within the type of steam, neurological signs are the principle signs. After the mercury vapour enters the physique by way of the lungs, it’s transferred to the mind by way of the blood and the blood-brain barrier. There the oxidation to the mercury ion takes place. The ion then binds to the mind tissue.
In the course of the course of the continual intoxication, signs resembling irritability (erethism mercurialis), lack of focus, sleep issues and intention tremor – i.e. trembling when approaching a goal – can happen. Moreover, continual mercury poisoning typically results in emaciation (cachexia).
As well as, oral consumption of mercury may cause different signs resembling impaired imaginative and prescient, listening to and strolling, paralysis and psychosis.


Mercury poisoning will be deadly. For remedy, a drug is run to take away the heavy metallic from the physique. Usually, so-called chelates are used for this – nonetheless, these have the facet impact of additionally flushing out necessary minerals and hint parts.

We encounter cadmium in on a regular basis life occasionally in batteries and rechargeable batteries. As well as, people don’t truly come into contact with the heavy metallic – no less than that is the idea.
The truth is, cadmium, like many different poisonous substances, is present in quite a lot of meals, resembling cereals, nuts, cocoa and pulses. It’s also typically present in meat and meat merchandise. It will also be present in chemical merchandise resembling fertilisers or pesticides. Different components resembling smoking and home mud can even contribute to an excessive amount of cadmium accumulating within the organism. 


Acute cadmium poisoning manifests itself above all in burns to the digestive tract, which in flip can set off abdomen ache, diarrhoea and extreme vomiting. If the poison has entered the organism by inhalation, it might probably irritate the respiratory tract. If the publicity was immense, additionally it is attainable that pulmonary oedema might develop in consequence.
Among the many signs of continual cadmium poisoning are huge ache, which is why the illness can be referred to as “Itai-Itai illness” (= “ouch-ouch illness”) in Japanese. These happen primarily within the again and legs. They’re brought on by bone softening brought on by cadmium, which may result in spontaneous bone fractures. As well as, the continual course of the illness is prone to injury the kidneys. Defects within the liver and anaemia are additionally attainable. Moreover, injury to the central nervous system and the immune system can happen, in addition to impairment of fertility with potential infertility. Psychological dysfunctions, injury to the genetic materials, most cancers and lack of the sense of scent are additionally attainable signs, the latter particularly if one has poisoned oneself with the heavy metallic by inhalation. Power inhalative cadmium poisoning can even result in the event of pulmonary emphysema. 


For a very long time it was assumed that you possibly can not poison your self with cadmium in any respect. The primary poisoning with the heavy metallic was not described till 1858. The truth is, the human physique has a particular protein that is ready to bind extra cadmium. There isn’t any particular remedy for the illness.

Ammonium will not be a heavy metallic. Quite, ammonium is a metabolic product that accumulates after the recycling of proteins in our organism.
The human physique may have an excessive amount of ammonium, for instance, if it has undergone a radical food regimen. If, throughout this time, a good sports activities programme was additionally accomplished by which numerous protein was transformed and loads of amino acids have been produced, an extreme ammonium degree is all of the extra probably. Different causes for extreme ranges of ammonium might embrace liver illness, a zinc deficiency, consumption of glutamate-rich meals or salmiak liquorice.
As well as, a congenital enzyme defect within the urea metabolism can even trigger ammonia to build up within the blood. If left untreated, this illness results in mind injury and incapacity.
Even when an excessive amount of ammonium can poison the organism, the completely elevated degree will not be referred to as poisoning. As an alternative, it’s known as hyperammonaemia if the ammonium content material within the blood is abnormally excessive.


An excessive amount of ammonium makes the physique drained. Typically it’s attainable that it causes an actual lethargy in these affected. It will probably additionally trigger focus issues, sweating, a drop in blood strain and cramps. Normally, the signs of hyperammonaemia are just like these of ammonia poisoning or acute liver failure.
If the illness already happens in childhood, consuming and ingesting difficulties can develop into a serious drawback and have penalties. Moreover, mind injury with developmental problems, studying issues, motion impairments and psychological disabilities are attainable.


Ammonium is shaped when nucleic acids are damaged down: it’s damaged down by the liver into an intermediate product and eventually metabolized by the kidney.
If ammonium is current too lengthy and excessively within the organism, it might probably act as a robust neurotoxin. It occupies the websites in any other case occupied by potassium ions, can now not be break up off and results in everlasting irritation of the nerves.
The detoxing of the toxin takes place within the so-called ammonium mechanism. Within the case of hyperammonaemia, the ammonium degree within the blood have to be lowered instantly. This may occur by means of quite a lot of measures – such because the administration of infusions, remedy, blood washing, and so forth.
If the physique excretes an excessive amount of ammonium within the urine, this will also be a sign of urinary stones.

How does an excessive amount of histamine have an effect on the physique?

One other substance that may trigger issues for the physique is histamine. Usually, this so-called biogenic amine fulfils a helpful objective: If, for instance, overseas substances penetrate our organism, it serves as a neurotransmitter to set off an inflammatory response and thus stop issues getting worse. Nevertheless, it turns into problematic if an excessive amount of histamine accumulates within the physique or if the organism has developed a histamine intolerance. This may result in extreme signs.
Histamine is shaped and saved in numerous physique cells, resembling mast cells or nerve cells. The discharge of the biogenic amine happens because of stimuli. These can happen, for instance, within the type of the physique’s personal enzymes, chemical or bodily stimuli, oxygen deficiency and even remedy or meals.
Along with its capability to set off inflammations, histamine additionally serves as a organic messenger for different physique features: It will probably, for instance, assist to dilate blood vessels and thereby decrease blood strain. It additionally performs a job in urge for food, sleep-wake rhythm and emotional regulation.

Signs of an excessive amount of histamine

An excessive amount of histamine within the physique or the presence of histamine intolerance results in signs that in any other case happen within the context of an allergy: The pores and skin reddens, itches and types hives. The affected particular person feels unwell and has a headache. Moreover, tachycardia and dizziness are attainable complaints that may happen within the context of histamine intolerance. Bronchial asthma assaults, vomiting and diarrhoea can even happen.

Measures to cut back histamine

The remedy of an acute relapse will be carried out with medication resembling antihistamines. Normally, nonetheless, you will need to orient your food regimen in such a approach that meals with the bottom attainable histamine content material are consumed. It’s also necessary to keep away from meals that don’t themselves include histamine, however can provoke the discharge of the neurotransmitter within the physique.
Meals excessive in histamine embrace bacterially fermented meals resembling smoked meat, ham, offal, canned fish, ripe cheeses, sauerkraut, beer, crimson wine, vinegar and mushrooms. Moreover, chocolate, some greens and fruits (resembling tomatoes, avocados, strawberries and spinach), nuts and alcohol are thought-about problematic for histamine intolerance. Histamine intolerance can be suggested towards the usage of sure medication resembling anti-inflammatory medication, which improve the discharge of histamine in allergy victims.  


In view of the truth that folks with histamine intolerance must organise their food regimen very particularly, there may be – along with the unintended consumption of histamine – the hazard of unbalanced diet and thus the danger of an undersupply of vitamins.

Lowering the danger potential with zeolite

On daily basis we’re confronted with a mess of dangerous substances, whether or not they’re poisonous heavy metals or different probably poisonous substances.
A wholesome physique can cope independently with a small quantity of dangerous substances and detoxify them by means of the physique’s personal digestion. Nevertheless, it turns into problematic if the organism is flooded with too many toxins or has sure pre-existing situations. Then the physique’s personal detoxing features are overworked and faulty processes happen by which poisonous substances accumulate within the physique and might trigger severe injury.
Zeolite may help the physique cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of poisons and assist relieve necessary detox organs such because the liver and kidneys.

We provide Zeolite in numerous grain sizes as a powder, an extremely high quality powder and in capsules.

The powder will be flippantly stirred or whisked in water after which drunken. This permits for early contact with the oral mucous membrane so the polluntant-binding properties can start to work all through all the digestive system.

The extremely high quality powder is even smaller and extra finely micronized than the powder. Because of this, the grains have a good bigger interior floor and might bind to extra pollution, which leads to a decrease dosage as in comparison with the powder. The extremely high quality powder is totally with out ”clumps” and so high quality that you’ve got the sensation it would disintegrate.

These vegetarian capsules are the best companion for on the go because of their straightforward and sensible use. They launch their contents from the abdomen onwards in order that the pollutant-binding properties start to work within the center digestive tract.

Zeolite-clinoptilolite is by now a core part of pure cosmetics. We already make the most of the distinctive impact of the volcanic mineral Zeolite in virtually all of our pure beauty merchandise. Zeolite acts like a filter in your pores and skin and binds to dangerous toxins that will in any other case irritate your pores and skin uninhindered.

Zeolite even proves its constructive impact in toothpaste. With the assistance of Zeolite, impurities and plaque are gently eliminated. Fluoride, which in excessive dosages could be very dangerous and might even be harmful for people, is pointless. A homeopathically compliant menthol free Zeolite toothpaste can be out there.

Hyaluron gel mixed with Zeolite produces a smoothing and nourishing moisturizing gel in your pores and skin that may utilized sparingly. It moisturizes and reduces water loss and thereby dehydration of your pores and skin. Pure Zeolite-clinoptilolite helps pores and skin regeneration by means of its capability to bind with dangerous substances.

The pores and skin’s regeneration course of is supported by detoxing of the pores and skin. Zeolite works by binding to histamine, dangerous heavy metals and poisonous particles by means of adsorption and thereby unburdening the pores and skin. Day by day use of Zeolite Pores and skin Cream for Regular Pores and skin is a core part of a every day pure beauty routine.

Zeolite Pores and skin Cream for Dry Pores and skin is richer than Zeolite Pores and skin Cream for Regular Pores and skin. Zeolite’s capability to bind to dangerous substances detoxifies and protects the pores and skin.

Zeolite MED® Pores and skin Powder is a non-invasive medical product and pure bioregulator for exterior use on the pores and skin. The medical product Zeolite MED® is comprised of 100% of the pure mineral clinoptilolite-zeolite which originates from a crystalline microporous volcanic rock. Due to its monumental interior floor and its extraordinary properties for selective ion change and adsorption, Zeolite MED® can, as wanted, bind its microporous construction exsudate to dangerous substances, particuarly heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium, radionuclides, histamine in addition to ammonium. Due to these properties, Zeolite MED® Pores and skin Powder will be utilized to the wound like a protecting defend for broken pores and skin, speed up hemostasis which reduces additional penetration of microorganisms and thereby assist wound therapeutic.

After ingestion of remedy, an area of no less than two hours ought to be noticed.
Don’t use concurrently with alcoholic, caffeinated or acidic drinks resembling grapefruit, orange, lemon or pineapple juice.

In uncommon instances constipation can happen as a facet impact of Zeolite as a consequence of low fluid consumption. This impact relies on dosage and will be averted by means of satisfactory fluid consumption and dosage discount. Within the occurence of constipation, improve fluid consumption, cut back dosage and, if needed, seek the advice of your physician.

Zeolite MED ® will not be another for individuals affected by allergy symptoms.
To assist detoxificiation and regulation processes, guarantee that there’s ample fluid consumption when ingesting these medical merchandise, each when ingesting (0,25 liter water) and by way of the every day ration (2-Three liters/day).
Within the case of extreme kidney perform problems (i.e. kidney insufficiency) Zeolite MED® shouldn’t be taken. Within the case of a medical problem, decreased kidney perform, being pregnant or breastfeeding in addition to to be used for kids, Zeolite MED ® ought to solely be used after consulting a physician. This medical product might not be inhaled or utilized to the attention. In case of contact with eyes, wash out eyes adequately. Not for use repeatedly over lengthy intervals of time. Discontinue use when you discover uncommon results.

Zeolite can be utilized individually as wanted over days, weeks or months. Attributable to publicity as we speak from the surroundings and one’s dwelling situations, these volcanic minerals might also be used over longer time intervals as wanted. Intensive long-term research conclude that no destructive results on mineral and vitamin provide might be decided.

Most quantity requirement examples for two months

Dosage of Zeolite Powder:
1 heaping teaspoon 3x every day = approx. 10g x 60 days = 600g of powder

Dosage of Zeolite Capsules:
2 capsules 3x every day = 6 capsules x 60 days = 360 capsules

Dosage of Extremely Superb Zeolite Powder:
½ teaspoon 3x every day = approx. 3g x 60 days = 180g of extremely high quality powder

Exterior Use Instance:

  • Zeolite is available in powder kind and is usually used as a foot or physique powder
  • Zeolite as a shower complement for foot baths (1 teaspoon) and full baths (1 tablespoon)
  • You’ll be able to combine a packet of Zeolite with water till it types a pulpy consistency, then apply to the affected space, cowl with a compress and permit to work in a single day
  • Zeolite for skincare use: take a knife level of extremely high quality powder within the palm of your hand, combine with pores and skin cream and apply as typical
  • Zeolite for masks: combine 1 teaspoon powder with some water, apply a skinny layer, rinse off after 10 – 15 minutes

Previous expertise exhibits that those that are susceptible to sensitivity, or who’re utilizing the product for the primary time or after an extended break, ought to start use step by step by easing in with a low dosage 1x every day. Use can step by step be elevated to 2x every day and as much as a most of 3x every day, as wanted.

The regularity of use of Zeolite influences its effectiveness, whereas interruptions can decrease it. Within the following record, merely discover applicable time home windows that give you the results you want. In response to Karl Hecht, Dr. med. Dr. med. habil., professor for neurophysiology and professor em. for experimental and medical pathological physiology on the Institute of Physiology – Charité on the Humboldt College of Berlin, the next every day chronobiological occasions are beneficial for inner use on people: 6am – 8am, 1pm –3pm, 6pm– 8pm; for in a single day use: 10pm.

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