Buy Gardenias | Order Gardenia Shrubs Online

Buy Gardenias | Order Gardenia Shrubs Online

The wealthy, unique fragrance of gardenia blossoms fills the nice and cozy air of a southern night time. The pure-white flowers glow at nighttime, whereas their scent drifts throughout the backyard, enchanting everybody to calm down and revel in life. Nothing says The South like Gardenia blossoms. Like all one of the best issues in life, these beauties want sure situations to thrive they usually want a bit of care. However when the blossoms start to open in summer season and proceed to look via the yr, spreading their uncommon perfume, that little hassle will likely be re-paid a thousand occasions over.

Extra virtually, Gardenias, which originated in China, are evergreen shrubs that could be grown outdoor within the hotter components of the nation, or indoors in cooler areas. They’ve a repute for being troublesome to develop, however given the best situations they are going to thrive and convey their distinctive magnificence and their spectacular fragrance proper into your backyard or house.

Gardenia Look

Gardenias are evergreen shrubs that may attain 15 toes in peak, however are sometimes smaller. The leaves are a easy oval form, round two inches lengthy, of a wealthy dark-green shade and shiny, giving the plant a stunning wholesome look. The bushes are dense and lush-looking, bringing a number of magnificence to the backyard even when not in flower. The stems and trunk are mid-grey in shade and the bark is pretty clean and never flaky.

Flowers on the Gardenia

The flowers on wild crops are single white stars, however most crops grown, such because the August Magnificence Gardenia, have massive double flowers with many petals, making every bloom a bouquet. The flowers are between two and 5 inches throughout, relying on the variability, and are normally a creamy-white shade, though some are yellow and even purple. The flowers have thick, nearly waxy petals and exude a fragrance that may be a combination of vanilla, nutmeg and jasmine. Newly-opened flowers are extra ‘floral’ in scent, changing into extra ‘spicy’ because the blossom develops and ages.

The flowering season depends upon the variability and the rising location and situations. In Florida, crops bloom from the tip of March to mid-June, however many types bloom once more in late summer season and fall. In cooler areas blooming will likely be later and it’s typically higher to decide on a later-blooming selection, such because the August Magnificence Gardenia, to have one of the best leads to cooler gardens.

There are quite a few styles of Gardenia, however most are pretty related. One which does stand out as very completely different is the Dwarf Radicans Gardenia, which solely grows one or two foot tall, with an expansion of three to 5 toes throughout. The flowers are quite a few, simply as richly-scented, however smaller, round one inch throughout.

Utilizing Gardenias on Your Property

The way you develop your Gardenia will depend upon the place you reside. In heat, humid areas resembling Florida and the Gulf, they are often grown as screening crops, hedges, in shrub beds and as specimen crops. The Dwarf Radicans Gardenia makes a superb ground-cover plant for sunny or partially-shaded areas, due to its low, spreading behavior of development. This selection can be planted on slopes or on the prime of low partitions, the place it can cascade down in an enthralling vogue.

In areas the place Gardenias are a bit of harder to develop they are going to in all probability be positioned in a specific web site as a specimen plant to be admired. In all instances strive to decide on a location the place the fragrance could be carried on the breeze via home windows or onto the porch or terrace, so as to get pleasure from its magnificence to the total.

Gardenias additionally make glorious potted crops, the place they are often moved round to get pleasure from their perfume or to offer them one of the best rising situations. Pots could be positioned outdoor when temperatures are over 600F and stored in a sheltered porch, veranda or introduced inside when the temperature fall. They can be efficiently grown totally indoors in a conservatory or a shiny window and can scent the entire room when in flower.

Keep in mind when selecting a location on your crops to permit sufficient room, since crops will turn out to be massive fairly rapidly – Gardenias are surprisingly fast-growing timber in good places. They will simply attain six toes in peak and extra, and unfold six toes throughout, and also you don’t need to have to chop into your stunning bush as a result of you possibly can’t stroll down the trail.

Origins of the Gardenia

The Gardenia, which is additionally known as Cape Jasmine or Cape Jessamine originated in China. There are round 200 species of gardenia all through Asia, however the traditional plant in gardens is Gardenia jasminoides, which is recorded as being grown in China 3,000 years in the past throughout the Tune Dynasty. It was first grown in America by Dr. James Gordon, a Scotsman who had moved to Charleston in 1752. He was a botanist in addition to a gardener and labored with the well-known botanist Linnaeus, who named this plant after him. Dr. Gordon had introduced Gardenias to his backyard round 1762 and many elderly crops within the south could also be descendants of that authentic plant, though most Gardenias grown as we speak are extra trendy varieties.

Resulting from its magnificence and wealthy fragrance the Gardenia turned immensely fashionable in America and Europe, particularly throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The jazz singer Billy Holliday at all times wore a jasmine corsage in her hair when she carried out. Potted shrubs had been introduced into ballrooms and events.

Rising Gardenias

The important thing to success with Gardenias is the soil. They thrive in acidic soil with a pH worth between 5 and 6.5. Given these soil situations, the remaining is simple. In case you have extra alkaline soil, particularly over pH7, then chelated iron must be used a few times a yr to maintain your plant wholesome. In case you have alkaline soil, even when your space is heat sufficient to develop Gardenia outdoor, rising your plant in a pot or planter field is probably a greater possibility.


The second consideration is location. Gardenias will develop in full solar and likewise in partial shade. Vegetation will nonetheless develop in deeper shade, however blooming will likely be diminished. A sheltered location is greatest, as chilly winds could cause leaf-drop, and shelter from drying winds can be useful, since Gardenias favor humid situations. They don’t seem to be salt-tolerant so don’t plant too near the ocean. As a result of they love acid soil, hold them away from concrete, resembling partitions, walkways or driveways, since lime can leach from the concrete and make the soil alkaline, even whether it is acid in the remainder of the backyard.


Temperature can be essential and Gardenias will likely be broken if the temperatures attain freezing (320F) or decrease. Vegetation rising within the floor will acclimatize to colder situations above freezing as they develop, however crops in pots which can be moved indoors will do greatest if they’re stored above 600F. In the event you do stay in a colder space however lust after Gardenias in your backyard, then the Frost-Proof Gardenia is the reply.

This selection is hardy to minus ten levels, so it can develop all the best way up into zone 6. It has good-sized flowers and the identical fragrance as less-hardy varieties. It’s a sensible choice too should you stay on the fringe of hardiness for ‘regular’ Gardenias, since it will likely be insurance coverage towards an distinctive frost. This selection will develop to 5 toes tall and at the least 4 toes throughout.

Watering and Fertilizer

Common watering can be obligatory and crops ought to neither be flooded nor allowed to turn out to be fully dry. That is particularly essential throughout the flowering season, when water-stress could cause buds to drop. Common fertilizer is required for the healthiest crops and for optimum blooming. Feed your crops in early spring and once more in early fall.


If rising in good situations and cared for, Gardenias ought to stay wholesome and pest-free. The can, nevertheless, endure from a couple of pests – however chemical or natural options can be found to most issues and if noticed early they’ll normally be handled.

Planting Gardenias and Preliminary Care

To plant your new Gardenia, dig a gap in ready floor that’s twice the diameter of the pot however solely the identical depth. Watch out when eradicating the pot to no disturb the roots. Place your plant within the gap on the identical depth or rather less than it was within the pot. Fill the opening half full with soil and water properly.

As soon as the water has drained away change the remainder of the soil, leaving a doughnut-shaped mound across the plant, past the basis space, to permit for normal deep watering. Mulch your Gardenia with a wealthy natural layer two or three inches deep. Water your new plant commonly and don’t permit it to dry out in any respect, which might occur fairly simply till the roots transfer out into the encompassing soil.

In case you are planting in a container, ensure it has drainage holes. Use a potting soil designed for acid-loving crops and an identical fertilizer. All the time let the soil dry a bit of between watering, however not an excessive amount of.

Gardenia Lengthy-Time period Care

Pruning is just not obligatory until you need to form your plant a bit of, or hold it extra compact. The very best time to prune or trim is instantly after flowering is over. Over-grown crops could be pruned fairly arduous if obligatory, however flowering could also be diminished within the subsequent season because the plant re-builds its construction.

Common mulching with a layer or wealthy natural materials two or three inches thick in early spring every year is not going to solely preserve moisture and hold the moisture ranges extra even, it can present some vitamins as properly.

A Stunning Flowering Bush with Minimal Care

Though some care is required to develop Gardenias properly, the rewards are price it. Nothing can match the fantastic thing about a bush in bloom and the distinctive mix of spice and floral within the fragrance is your reward for the little effort wanted to succeed with these invaluable and garden-worthy crops. Now’s the time to order your crops and stay up for years of delight.

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