Bonsai with rock carmona - pot 16 cm

Bonsai rock 16 cm carmona

Bonsai is an artwork kind.

Actually translated, Bonsai means: tree in pot. Bon stands for plant and ‘sai’ could be translated as bowl or pot. Bonsai is grown in Asia and evokes the picture of an previous tree.

A bonsai-ist tries to create a diminished picture of an previous tree or panorama in nature with dwelling plant materials. Evaluate it with a painter or a sculptor, one tries to seize an impression of a panorama with paint, the opposite does this for instance with a chunk of wooden, the entire turns into a dwelling murals.

Historical past of Bonsai.

Even earlier than the start of our period, Chinese language monks noticed the fantastic thing about bushes that remained small in nature and in addition attributed nice powers to them. As a picture provider of the mountainous atmosphere, they took the bushes dwelling and grew them additional in pots. Later different tree species had been additionally used and that is how a cultivation and mould tradition emerged that has come to be known as Bonsai. In China, Bonsai is a widespread pastime to today and is known as Penjing.

There’s a lengthy historical past of Bonsai in each Japan and Korea. Penjing was launched to those international locations from China and elevated with its personal notion to bonsai artwork, during which many new strategies have been developed.

In Europe, the bonsai solely launched within the 20th century. This occurred by way of exhibits and all the time as an entry from China or Japan. Bonsai as a pastime is about 50 years previous in Europe. Bonsai has solely emerged as a decorative plant product for about 20 years and is now indispensable.

Care suggestions



Your Bonsai is grown in South China and is used to an annual temperature between 12 and 30 levels Celsius. That’s the reason this can be very appropriate for indoor use. If the skin temperature is increased than 12 levels Celsius, you can even place the Bonsai exterior very properly. Bonsai want gentle to develop correctly. Place your Bonsai in a lightweight place, probably with some direct daylight. Guarantee that your tree will not be in direct solar all day.


Your Bonsai is a dwelling tree. All bushes want moisture to outlive and develop. Too little water will dry out the leaves and if it persists for a very long time, it can additionally dry out the sap circulate. An excessive amount of water will trigger the roots within the shell to rot and weaken the tree. Water your Bonsai when the soil begins to dry up and look ahead to the following watering till the tree has absorbed the water (with a standard location that is roughly each two days). All the time ensure that the basis ball is correctly absorbed, the surplus water runs out of the pot by way of the underside.


Each Bonsai wants sure substances to keep up its techniques. It’s best to make use of stable or liquid Bonsai meals which you can get hold of from us. You press stable meals into the soil and dissolve with the watering. Most referred to as stable meals is the Biogold, take the most important measurement of the pot in cm, that is the utmost dosage of the variety of granules you press into the soil. Combine liquid meals with the irrigation water. Deal with the dosage as indicated on the packaging. You may as well use regular plant meals, however bear in mind to regulate the dosage to 60%. Your Bonsai grows all 12 months spherical and subsequently wants vitamin all 12 months spherical.


Because of the great cultivation, this Bonsai is in excellent steadiness. The quantity of roots and foliage are in a wonderful relationship and the size measurement has been chosen with care. After quite a lot of years (really useful round three years) of wholesome development, the roots will pinch within the pot and the Bonsai could be repotted. This provides you the chance to prune the roots in order that the basis ball stays younger and very important. It’s best to repot within the spring. Take away the tree from the pot and punctiliously comb out the roots. After this you possibly can prune 30% of the roots. For good rejuvenation, take away some thicker roots. After this, the Bonsai could be returned to its personal bowl. Put some good unfastened potting soil, probably combined with some sharp sand, on the backside of the pot and place the tree on high. You’ll be able to then fill the bowl with the identical new soil combination.

Soil sorts

Akadama is a clay granulate and notably appropriate for Bonsai. This soil kind ensures moisture steadiness within the pot, has a impartial acidity and doesn’t include too many vitamins. The soil could be utilized 100% or combined with potting soil as much as 50%. Kiryu is a rock that gives additional good drainage within the bonsai pot. It’s notably appropriate to combine with Akadama for Bonsai species that like dry ft resembling Pinus, Picea and Juniperus. The utmost mixing ratio is 50 Kiryu.

Ailments and plagues

A wholesome Bonsai has little to no issues with illnesses and pests. Louse or spider mites could enter it. Luis could be acknowledged by the sticky drops and spider mites give the leaves a barely speckled pale coloration. To stop aphids and spider mites, ensure that your Bonsai is in a well-ventilated place. This additionally prevents doable injury by fungi resembling mildew. You should purchase enough cures to fight the above at any backyard heart.


Every tree has a pure tendency to develop on the suggestions and shed the oldest leaves or needles from inside. For a wonderful, finely branched Bonsai it’s a must to break this pattern. This may be carried out very just by pruning the tip development. The Bonsai you’ve gotten bought already has the proper form and measurement and subsequently solely must be maintained. You’ll be able to take away all shoots which can be exterior the silhouette of the tree. All shoots on the branches that develop downwards or upwards can also be pruned. This manner you retain the Bonsai wholesome and in the proper form. All crucial instruments could be discovered on our website.

Wire up

Younger branches naturally develop upward and solely bend over time. The branches of your Bonsai are bent down to provide the picture of an previous tree. You’ll be able to neither decide the form of your Bonsai your self via wiring. For those who wrap the branches at 45 levels with wire of the proper thickness, they are often bent into any desired form. After some time the department will thicken additional and pinch the wire. Now could be the proper time to take away the thread

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