Bonsai Care for Beech (Fagus)


DECIDUOUS TREE which in line with Wikipedia has ten SPECIES of which 2 variants are hottest for BONSAI>BONSAI : European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Japanese white beech(Fagus crenata), the latter distinguished by narrower, darker and extra pointed LEAVES than the previous.

In each sorts the leaves change to russet brown in winter and stay on the tree till displaced by new buds.

STYLE : Finest suited to medium/massive measurement specimens (due to leaf measurement) in formal/casual upright, slanting, twin trunk, CLUMP and group types.

WARNING : Simply scorched by drying winds.

Care Data


LOCATION : Tolerates full solar and stands as much as wind very properly (until very younger or just lately re-potted)

REPOT : Each 2-Three years in spring, much less ceaselessly, as required, for older, bigger bushes.

SOIL : Free draining soil : 40:60 GRIT:natural. Ph. 6.0-7.0.

PRUNE : Late winter/early spring. Prune near trunk leaving no stubs.

PINCH : Pinch again SHOOTS to 1 or two LEAVES all through summer time. DEFOLIATION not really useful however elimination of wierd over-sized leaf is OK.

WATER : Water properly in rising season (twice per day as crucial in actually sizzling climate), sparingly in winter.

FEED : Begin BALANCED FEED four weeks after leaves have emerged till late summer time, then nitrogen free till leaves flip yellow.

WARNING : Simply scorched by drying winds.

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