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Birch is a HARDY DECIDUOUS TREE belonging to the genus Betula which comprises greater than 30 species.

They’re usually slightly short-lived pioneer species, the commonest of which in BONSAI>BONSAI are the Silver Birch ( BIRCH – SILVER (BETULA PENDULA) ) and Arctic Birch ( Birch – DWARF/Arctic (Betula Nana) ). (See these particular person entries for element).

Typically often called Scotland’s weed tree since there are such a lot of of them in areas of poor soil situations e.g. PEAT mosses.

Bonsai Movies for Birch Species (Tree Kind (Outdoor))

Video 1 for Birch Species (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Betula pubescens/Downy Birch Bonsai Top 21″/53cm. Collected in 1999 by Harry Harrington

Video 2 for Birch Species (Tree Type (Outdoors))

The Birch tree within the UK.

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