#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Biology - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants lecture - 10

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Biology – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants lecture – 10

1. Seeds
2. Fruits
3. Seed dormancy & viability
4. Apomixis
5. Parthenocarpy
6. Development to keep up heterosis

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Playlist of Biomentors Lessons On-line for 2021 NEET Batch-
1. Fundamentals of Biology –

2. The dwelling world –

3. Cell the unit of life –

4. Replica in organisms –

5. Human Replica

6. Reproductive well being

7. Human Well being & ailments

8. Cell Cycle & Cell Division

9. Biomolecules

10. Molecular foundation of inheritance

1. Construction of Atom –

2. Options

3. Chemistry Classification of Components and Periodicity in Properties

4. Redox Reactions

5. Floor chemistry

6. Electrochemistry

7. Chemical Bonding

8. Chemical Kinetics

9. Common Natural Chemistry

10. Hydrocarbons

1. Fundamental arithmetic for Physics

2. Twin nature of radiations

3. Atoms

4. Models and Measurements

5. Nuclei

6. Scalars and Vectors

7. Semiconductors

8. Movement in a straight line

9. Movement in a Aircraft

10. Present Electrical energy

11. Work Energy Power

12. Electrical Expenses and Fields

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27 thoughts on “#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Biology – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants lecture – 10

  1. Warm regards,

    Your YouTube channel is not showing any lecture video of the unit human physiology of class 11, except for 1 chapter.
    6 out of the 7 chapters have been deleted from your channel.
    Dear biomentors team, I really need them…..those are the finishing chapter of class 11 and this month January is for them!!
    Please cooperate, please make them available on your channel.

    Thank you

  2. Dicot Embryo development study in plant- Shephard purse (capsella bursapastoris )
    Monocot study- Sagittaria
    Most common embryonic development – Cruciferae
    Translator- Calotropis
    Blastophega- Fig
    Lever mechanism-Salvia

  3. Q. 1 studt of embryo development in
    Dicote- Shepher's purse
    Monocot- Sagittaria plant
    Q. 2 Translatos – Calatropis
    Q. 3 Pollination by Blastophega insect- fig plant
    Q. 4 Lever mechanism- Salvia

  4. Sir aam to khud k khet me h but jaam khane k liye kato se bni boundary cross krke bagiche me gusaa hu or padke jane pe mar or jaam dono khae h. 🥰🥰

  5. Teacher MEANS GOD GIFT 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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