bamboo palm leaves

Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea spp.

The bamboo palm is the right reply for South Florida owners trying to find hard-to-find fairly crops for a shade backyard.

bamboo palm leaves

This palm’s title is commonly used for a number of totally different palms however all have the distinct look of bamboo.

chamadoreas develop slowly with a clustering, spreading behavior.

It produces
quick elegant fronds and engaging, upright stalks which seem like skinny
bamboo canes.

Most of those palms are small – from
Neantha Bella (Chamaedorea elegans) which solely grows to about three ft,
to Chamaedorea microspadix (generally bought at nurseries as “Bamboo Palm”)
which might get 7 to 10 ft tall.

They’re primarily “understory
palms” in order that they like a shaded space with common moisture – extra, in reality,
than most different panorama palms.

Plant specs

Bamboo palms often attain not more than 7 ft tall within the panorama.

Although they’re clustering – sending up new shoots from the bottom of
the plant – they develop slowly and will not take over an space.

Most are
tender and tropical – finest in Zone 10.

They may also be grown in sheltered areas of Zone
9B, planted in an space shielded from drying winds and frost.

stalk detail

is a superb indoor plant (see field beneath) wherever in South Florida,
particularly good in colder areas the place you may carry it open air throughout
heat climate and indoors to guard from winter’s chilly.

Plant care

Plant with loads of natural peat (or prime soil) within the gap to assist
the palm retain moisture round its roots.

Add Hortasorb® or one other
water-retaining product (see Gardening How-To web page on
for extra data on utilizing Hortasorb® to maintain your crops from
drying out) to the outlet while you plant to make the soil’s moisture
longer lasting. Add a thick layer of mulch.

Bamboos don’t love standing water, nevertheless, so be sure that the situation drains effectively after a tough rain.

Place the palm in an space that will get not more than dappled solar (or a bit morning solar) – or in full shade.

and tropical, a bamboo palm wants chilly safety, and placement within the
panorama is commonly the easiest way to guard it.

A location in a shaded
spot often means there’s tree cover protection to guard it from

Keep away from windswept areas that may dry out the soil and burn the
ideas of the palm’s leaves.

Fertilize at the very least 3 times per yr
(summer season, fall and spring) with a slow-release granular fertilizer that
accommodates micronutrients.

Trimming can be minimal – solely to
take away a browned frond or outdated stalk often. Minimize the stalk off at
floor degree. Though the palm spreads, any errant shoots may be reduce
off or dug out to maintain the plant contained.

Bamboo palms make nice houseplants. This palm is commonly referred to as the “Parlor Palm” as a result of it takes indoor situations effectively – with the correct care.

in an space of the home that gives good oblique mild. If the palm
sits in entrance of a shiny window with some solar, be sure that the window is
screened to filter the sunshine.

Humidity is uncommon in a Florida dwelling –
air-conditioning and warmth can dry out any plant very quickly flat. Attempt to
keep away from placement instantly in entrance of an air vent…and assist enhance
humidity with the next:

Set the pot on prime of a deep saucer
crammed with rocks. Fill the saucer with water – the rocks will preserve the
palm from sitting in water, whereas offering wanted humidity. Be sure
the saucer all the time holds water and do an everyday prime watering to provide the
palm an excellent drink.

Plant spacing

For a display screen or “hedge”, bamboo palms may be planted proper subsequent to
one another or considerably farther aside since they will develop collectively
finally (this will likely take some time since they’re sluggish growers).

work very effectively round bushes, since they will unfold over root buttresses
with no problem. Plant as near the tree as doable, wherever you
can dig a gap giant sufficient to accommodate the palm’s root ball.

This palm makes an excellent patio or pool cage container plant – be sure that
the pool cage screening gives at the very least 30% subtle mild, or place
it again close to the home in a shadier spot.

Panorama makes use of for bamboo palm

  • display screen, hedge or filler
  • in a container indoors or out
  • accent plant for architectural components of top, akin to columns or pillars
  • taller backdrop for small crops in a shade backyard

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