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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Wood Carving

Wooden Carving
Arts and Crafts
Common Convention
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12 months of Introduction: 1938

1. Clarify the qualities of onerous and delicate woods and the perfect woods for wooden carving.[edit]

The onerous woods are oak, beech, birch, maple, walnut, ash, hickory, all of which belong to the broad leaf number of timber. The delicate woods are pine, spruce, hemlock, cedar, cypress, which belong to the “coniferous” or cone-bearing household. The onerous woods are on a median two or 3 times as onerous because the others, however a number of the so-called onerous woods are actually fairly delicate, and vice versa.

Softwoods are simpler to carve, however hardwoods maintain element higher and are stronger. Should you can handle it, hardwoods are due to this fact a more sensible choice, however softwoods are superb for newbies. Among the finest carving woods, so as of hardness are basswood,tupelo (energy carving), butternut, hounduras mohagony, and walnut.

2. Describe the totally different wooden carving instruments and clarify find out how to sharpen them.[edit]


Carving knives, chisels, and gouges

The first software for wooden carving is a carving knife. You should use a pocket knife as effectively, and many individuals do. To sharpen a knife, maintain the blade at a few 15° angle and scrape it alongside a whetstone as for those who had been attempting to shave off a skinny layer of the stone. Be sure you sharpen either side.


A chisel is finest used with a mallet. Chisels can be utilized for eradicating nice portions of wooden. They will minimize throughout the grain or slice alongside its size. Chisels are sharpened a lot the identical method as knives, however the angle is a bit steeper, starting from 20° to 35°. Usually they’re sharpened at two angles, akin to 25° for a lot of the size of the blade, and 35° close to the sting. This permits the blade to be resharpened by solely honing a small portion close to the innovative.


A gouge is a chisel with a curved blade. If pushed alongside a chunk of wooden, it will plow out a U-shaped channel. Gouges are sharpened with a slipstone, which is a whetstone with a curved edge.

Coping noticed[edit]

Coping saws are very helpful for eradicating bulk. A carving can usually be roughed in with a coping noticed, and as soon as the form is minimize out, knives, chisels, and gouges can be utilized to wash it up and do the ultimate shaping. Coping noticed blades could be sharpened with a triangle file, although they’re low cost sufficient that they ore extra steadily changed when uninteresting.

The blade could be put in on the coping noticed in order that it cuts on both the pull stroke or the push stroke. Experiment to see which you want higher. To make a minimize, clamp the piece to a bench or maintain it firmly along with your free hand or knee. Align the blade with the pencil mark you might have made which is able to information the minimize. Gently work the noticed up and right down to make the minimize. You’ll have problem at first, and this does take a bit apply to grasp. However after getting it down, it’s not all that tough. Comply with the road till the minimize is full.

3. Clarify the perfect strategies of dealing with the grain of wooden in designing.[edit]

Wooden could be very very similar to a bundle of straws glued along with a weak adhesive. It’s simple to separate the straws from each other, however harder to interrupt the straws. The woodcarver must hold this in thoughts because the piece is designed. For example, if carving an animal, the grain (or “straws” in our analogy) must run in the identical path because the legs. In any other case, the legs will simply break off.

Planing wood with the grain.PNG Planing wood against the grain.PNG

One other side of grain that wants cautious consideration is find out how to work a blade alongside the wooden with respect to it. If the grain dives into the piece, the blade should minimize within the path through which the grain runs out of the piece quite than within the path through which the grain runs in. See the illustration.

4. Design and carve a plaque in low reduction.[edit]

Low reduction, often known as Bas (pronounced bah)-relief is a technique of sculpture which entails carving away the floor of a flat piece of wooden creating an image.

The portrayed picture is raised above the background flat floor in order that for a chunk of wooden one inch thick the non-image (background) space could also be a half inch thick when the artwork work has been accomplished, and the picture space will differ from one half to 1 inch.

As easy software could be constructed to assist clean out the background. It consists of a deal with created from a chunk of wooden about 3/4″x3/4″x10″ with a wooden screw set into its heart, however not absolutely seated. If the background is 1 / 4 inch decrease than the foreground, the screw could be set one quarter inch above the floor of the deal with. The highest of the screw is then filed in order that the sides of the screwhead are sharpened. Then the carver removes the wooden masking the background within the carving, however it’s best to go away a border across the edges. Then the software is used to clean out the background with the deal with using alongside the raised border. As soon as the background is smoothed, the carver can flip his or her consideration to the foreground, shaping and smoothing it as desired.

5. Design and carve two of the next objects[edit]

a. Whistle[edit]


To make a whistle, you will have a block of softwood, a dowel, and a drill bit that’s the identical diameter because the dowel. Drill a gap into the top of the block of wooden. The outlet can go right through, or it might probably cease earlier than it exits the opposite facet. Then minimize a notch (C within the diagram) within the high of this piece such that it exposes the opening that was simply bored. This notch must be about Four cm1.5 inches from the top. It must be vertical nearest the mouth finish and slanted on the opposite facet.

Shave one fringe of the dowel (A) flat to make the airway (B), and minimize off a bit of the dowel such that its size is similar as the space from the notch to the mouth finish. Insert the dowel into the bored gap with the airway in the direction of the notch to check the match. At this level blowing into the whistle ought to produce a tone (attempt it). If it doesn’t produce a tone, evaluate the diagram and check out to determine what went improper. One risk is that the pitch is just too excessive for the human ear. You may alter the tone by making the opening go deeper into the wooden (except it already goes right through). When the tone is passable, take away the dowel, apply some glue, and reinsert. When the glue dries form the mouthpiece as desired and carve your design on the surface.

b. Letter opener[edit]

A letter opener is admittedly nothing greater than a picket knife. Make it as fancy as you want.

c. Tray[edit]

A tray could be made by becoming a member of 4 slim items of wooden on the ends utilizing field joints or dovetail joints. A slot must be milled close to the underside edge of those boards in order that it might probably obtain a tray backside. The tray backside could be minimize from eighth inch luan or another skinny plywood or mason board. The underside piece shouldn’t be glued – enable it to drift within the joint in order that the tray doesn’t crack when it contracts and expands because the temperature and humidity differ. Assemble three of the edges, then slip the underside into the slots and add the fourth facet. Glue the nook joints. As soon as the tray is assembled, you possibly can carve the edges as you please.

d. Bookends[edit]

Bookends could be carved from two brief sections of 4″x4″ lumber, however be sure it’s not strain handled. Lower off two sections Four to six inches lengthy, ensuring the minimize is sq.. The tip grain of this minimize would be the backside of the bookend. Most business 4×4 lumber might be softwood, so in order for you hardwood, you’ll have to look a bit tougher. Should you can not discover a hardwood 4×4, you may make one from smaller items of inventory by laminating them (that’s, gluing a number of items collectively). Make it fascinating by laminating each darkish and light-colored species of wooden. It’s also possible to use chunks of firewood. Should you use firewood, you will have to airplane one floor and noticed one other flat. The sawn floor will function the underside, and the planed floor will assist the books.

After you have two flat surfaces that kind a 90° angle, sketch your design on the wooden and tough it out with a noticed, chisels, gouges or the entire above. Because the carving takes form, use finer instruments till the piece is able to take a end akin to paint or varnish. In case your instruments are sharp, you shouldn’t have to sand the piece earlier than ending. Sanding poses the hazard of eradicating element from the carving and must be thought of fastidiously earlier than making an attempt.

e. Clock case[edit]

A clock case needn’t be any greater than a board with a clock motion connected. Carve your design into the face of the board in low-relief. Clock actions could be purchased at most interest and craft shops. Purchase the clock motion, drill any mandatory holes, and ensure the motion matches earlier than you begin carving although. It could be a disgrace to destroy a murals by unintentionally drilling a gap within the improper place, or discovering that you will need to take away a part of the art work to suit the clock in place. As soon as the motion has been mounted on the clean case and also you see that it matches, take away it and set it apart. You do not want the effort of carving across the clock palms.

f. Equal objects of your selection[edit]

As an honor teacher, it will likely be your accountability to vet different designs proposed by your Pathfinders. Be looking out for over-ambitious designs, however watch out to not quash your Pathfinder’s spirit. Supply ideas to make the undertaking attainable.

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