80 Popular Types of Palm Plants

80 Popular Types of Palm Plants

Right here’s an unique record of the Most Common Forms of Palm Vegetation which you can develop in your house and backyard for that tropical appear and feel.

Palm vegetation are recognized for his or her unmatchable class and unique presence. They arrive in a variety of coloration, form, and dimension with over of 1000’s varieties. Listed here are among the most Common Forms of Palm Vegetation you’ll be able to develop.

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Most Common Forms of Palm Vegetation

1. Areca Palm

Types of Palm Plants

Botanical Identify: Dypsis lutescens

Areca Palm is in style for its stunning look and very good air-purifying skills. It’s simple to develop and provides a tropical inexperienced contact to your residing house.

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2. Parlor Palm

Botanical Identify: Chamaedorea elegans

Parlor Palm makes for an amazing decorative addition to darkish corners, due to excessive low-light tolerance. It comes from the rainforests of Central America and doesn’t like overwatering.

3. Kentia Palm

Types of Palm Plants 2

Botanical Identify: Howea forsteriana

In the event you love giant indoor vegetation, attempt rising the Kentia palm. It is among the most well-known palm varieties and reaches a formidable peak of 8-10 toes on correct care.

4. Broadleaf Woman Palm

Botanical Identify: Rhapis excelsa

The leaves of Woman palm resemble a fan in look and look incredible in trendy ceramic planters. It thrives greatest in vivid, oblique daylight and moist soil with good drainage.

5. Chinese language Fan Palm

Types of Palm Plants 3

Botanical Identify: Livistona chinensis

Chinese language Fan Palm is legendary amongst plant house owners for its grand and tropical look. It flaunts spike-shaped leaves that develop in a round sample.

6. Cascade Palm

Botanical Identify: Chamaedorea cataractarum

In contrast to different palm varieties, Cascade palm present bushier progress and dense foliage consisting of enormous, darkish inexperienced leaves. It’s additionally in style as cat palm.

7. Majesty Palm

Types of Palm Plants 4

Botanical Identify: Ravenea rivularis

Native to Madagascar, Majesty Palm can spruce up the look of indoor and outside gardens with its tropical presence. It’s shade-resistant and wishes high-humidity to do effectively.

8. Sago Palm

Botanical Identify: Cycas revoluta

Not a real palm, it seems stunning with its feathery foliage and a pineapple-like trunk. To encourage higher progress, fertilizer month-to-month with a liquid balanced fertilizer.

9. Bamboo Palm

Types of Palm Plants 5

Botanical Identify: Chamaedorea seifrizii

Add a tropical really feel to your residing house with the luxurious inexperienced foliage of bamboo palm. It’s simple to develop and one of the vital in style forms of palm vegetation.

10. Yucca Palm

Botanical Identify: Yucca brevifolia

Yucca palm is famend for its putting look and resilient nature. Although not a real palm, it’s a exceptional addition to fashionable and modern residence decor kinds.

11. Christmas Palm

Types of Palm Plants 6

Botanical Identify: Adonidia merrillii

Also called Manila palms, these timber are recognized for producing clusters of crimson fruits through the Christmas season. They add visible curiosity to the gardens.

12. Sentry Palm

Botanical Identify: Howea belmoreana

Sentry palm resembles Kentia palm in look and appears beautiful in residing rooms. It attains a peak of 6-Eight toes on correct care and loves excessive humidity.

13. Ruffled Fan Palm

Types of Palm Plants 7

Botanical Identify: Licuala grandis

Native to Vanuatu Islands, Ruffled Fan is a novel and lovely palm selection. It grows slowly as in comparison with fellow palms and has related care wants.

14. European Fan Palm

Botanical Identify: Chamaerops humilis

European Fan is among the most cold-hardy palm timber and grows upto 8-15 toes tall. It’s proof against deadly yellowing; a illness widespread amongst most palm varieties.

15. Pygmy Date Palm

Types of Palm Plants 8

Botanical Identify: Phoenix robelinii

Generally referred to as Miniature Date Palm, this tree options a pretty trunk and showy leaves. It produces scrumptious mini-dates when grown in excessive humidity.

16. Coconut Palm

Botanical Identify: Cocos nucifera

No palm can match the class of this palm selection. It produces refreshing coconuts and attains an enchanting peak and can also be one of the vital in style forms of palm vegetation.

17. Buccaneer Palm

Types of Palm Plants 9

Botanical Identify: Pseudophoenix sargentii

Native to Florida and Caribbean Islands, Buccaneer is a small palm selection with a notable appereance. It’s a good tree to develop close to the home and doesn’t demand any particular care.

18. Montgomery Palm

Botanical Identify: Veitchia arecina

Montgomery was first originated in Vanuatu and at the moment is grown broadly in Southwest Florida. It’s a fast-growing palm and stays inexperienced all year long.

19. Foxtail Palm

Types of Palm Plants 10

Botanical Identify: Wodyetia bifurcata

This putting palm selection is called after its fox-tail formed spiral leaves. It options a pretty trunk and thrives effectively in full solar.

20. Latania Palm

Botanical Identify: Latania lontaroides

Latania palm resembles Bismark Palm in look and makes an amazing accent plant for the backyard. Pink Latania and Blue Latania are two of its in style varieties.

21. Piccabeen Palm

Types of Palm Plants 11

Botanical Identify: Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

The Australian palm is legendary for its swish presence and easy-going nature. It flaunts lengthy fronts that look similar to the coconut palm.

22. Queen Palm

Botanical Identify: Syagrus romanzoffiana

Queen Palm is among the tallest palm varieties and might attain a peak as much as 40-50 toes. It’s sturdy, fast-growing, and generally seen on the beachside of California.

23. Cuban Royal Palm

Types of Palm Plants 12

Botanical Identify: Roystonea regia

Royal Palm is called Aristocrat of Palm timber as a consequence of its giant and luxurious presence. It will possibly develop as much as a staggering peak of 80-125 toes.

24. Bismark Palm

Botanical Identify: Bismarckia nobilis

Bismarck is a novel and spectacular palm selection with giant silver-green leaves. This palm tree has an easy-going nature and appears beautiful in giant backyards.

25. Sylvester Palm

Types of Palm Plants 13

Botanical Identify: Phoenix sylvestris

The silver date palm is nice for owners with restricted yard house. It has silver-green fronds and a strong trunk that includes eye-catching cuts.

26. Ribbon Fan Palm

Botanical Identify: Livistona decipiens

This engaging palm tree flaunts lengthy fan-shaped leaves and appears wonderful when planted in teams. It will possibly develop as much as 20-30 toes tall and thrives effectively in soil with good drainage.

27. Paurotis Palm

Types of Palm Plants 14

Botanical Identify: Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

Everglades palm showcases eye-catching bright-green leaves and doesn’t demand particular consideration. It’s a good selection in case you are on the lookout for a medium-size architectural accent.

28. Alexander Palm

Botanical Identify: Archontophoenix alexandrae

Alexander palm can attain a peak of 20-25 toes on maturity and thrives effectively in keen on full solar places. It’s also referred to as Solitaire Palm as a result of it grows on a single trunk.

29. African Oil Palm

Types of Palm Plants 15

Botanical Identify: Elaeis guineensis

This palm tree is a serious supply of palm wine and oil in West Africa. It will possibly develop as much as a formidable peak of 50-60 toes. It is among the hottest forms of palm vegetation.

30. Pink Sealing Wax Palm

Botanical Identify: Cyrtostachys renda

Popularly referred to as Lipstick Palm, this selection is native to Southeast Asia and awarded as one of the vital stunning palms on the earth. It options beautiful crimson fronds and a trunk.

31. Canary Island Date Palm

Types of Palm Plants 16

Botanical Identify: Phoenix canariensis

This stunning palm tree hails from the Canary Island close to North-western Africa. It wants a heat local weather and prefers rising in a sunny space.

32. Acai Palm

Botanical Identify: Euterpe oleracea

Acai palms can develop as much as 60-80 toes tall and ideal for large backyard yards. They produce scrumptious and nutritious acai berries, that are in style all through the world.

33. Bailey’s Copernicia Palm

Types of Palm Plants 17

Botanical Identify: Copernicia baileyana

Also called Yarey Palm, Bailey’s Copernicia is a uncommon palm selection with minimal care wants. It thrives greatest in moist, well-draining soil and full solar.

34. Banana Palm

Botanical Identify: Musa

Native to Southeast Asia, banana is cultivated for producing nutritious fruits and huge inexperienced leaves. It’s technically not thought of as a palm selection.

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35. Blue Hesper Palm

Types of Palm Plants 18

Botanical Identify: Brahea armata

Mexican blue palm is an immensely well-known palm selection in Flordia and showcases a fairly distinctive appereance. It hails from Mexico and could be propagated simply from seeds.

36. Cabbage Palm

Botanical Identify: Sabal palmetto

Popularly referred to as Sabal Mexicana, Cabbage Palm is a resilient selection that may simply tolerate a variety of environmental situations.

37. Bottle Palm

Types of Palm Plants 19

Botanical Identify: Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

This famend palm selection is called after its exceptional bottle-shaped trunk. It makes an amazing focus for indoors in addition to small yards.

38. Caranday Palm

Botanical Identify: Copernicia alba

Caranday is a slow-growing palm and one of many rarest varieties on earth. It thrives greatest in moist soil with good drainage.

39. Cardboard Palm

Types of Palm Plants 20

Botanical Identify: Zamia furfuracea

Cardboard palm flaunts a shrubby appereance with its olive-green feather-shaped leaves. It isn’t a real palm however is simple to develop and might stand up to 6-10 toes tall.

40. Carpentaria Palm

Botanical Identify: Carpentaria acuminata

Carpentaria palms are native to the rainforests of Australia. They’ve a clean single trunk and pinnate leaves deep inexperienced on prime and blue-green on the underside.

41. Cuban Petticoat Palm

Types of Palm Plants 21

Botanical Identify: Copernicia macroglossa

Because the title suggests, this distinctive palm tree hails from Cuba. It has a single-gray trunk coated with its dry previous leaves.

42. Coyure Palm

Picture Supply:-allaboutpalmtrees

Botanical Identify: Aiphanes horrida

Native to South America, Coyuer is an unique and uncommon palm tree. It showcases engaging pinnate leaves and a grey trunk effectively coated with black spines.

43. Cuban Stomach Palm

Types of Palm Plants 22

Botanical Identify: Acrocomia crispa

Cuban Stomach is among the most exceptional palm timber on the earth primarily as a consequence of its undemanding nature and luxurious appereance. Its different title is Corojo Palm.

44. Flame Thrower Palm

Botanical Identify: Chambeyronia macrocarpa

The crimson leaf palm can brighten up the look of your lounge with its vibrant look. It options eye-catching crimson leaflets that emerge from its tender, dark-green leaves.

45. Florida Thatch Palm

Types of Palm Plants 23

Botanical Identify: Thrinax radiata

This glorious palm tree hails from the Caribbean islands and serves loads of makes use of in landscaping. It grows slowly and might stand up to 15-20 toes tall.

46. Guadalupe Palm

Botanical Identify: Brahea edulis

Guadalupe Palm options vivid inexperienced feather-like leaves and in style for its unique and strong appereance. It additionally produces edible candy fruits too!

47. Jade Empress Palm

Types of Palm Plants 24

Botanical Identify: Rhapis multifida

Native to China, Finger Palm is a stunning small plant with a number of trunks and exquisite leaves. It’s costlier than different palm varieties as a consequence of its uncommon availability.

48. Joey Palm

Botanical Identify: Johannesteijsmannia altifrons

Wish to add a tropical feeling to your own home or workplace? Attempt Joey Palm! It’s a trunk-less unique palm with putting giant leaves.

49. Key Thatch Palm

Types of Palm Plants 25

Botanical Identify: Leucothrinax morrisii

It is a uncommon palm selection showcasing a single trunk and putting fan-shaped blue-green leaves. It’s simple to develop, preserve, and thrives effectively in partial shade to full solar.

50. Macaw Palm

Picture Supply:-flickr

Botanical Identify: Aiphanes minima

Macaw Palm is supposed for rising outside and contains a very spiny trunk topped with giant feathery leaves. Its different title is Satan’s Palm Tree.

51. Mazari Palm

Types of Palm Plants 26

Botanical Identify: Nannorrhops ritchiana

Mazari Palm is a chilly hardy palm and in style amongst owners for its distinctive shrub-like look. It was first originated in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

52. Metallica Palm

Botanical Identify: Chamaedorea metallica

This small rising palm is called after its metallic blue-green leaves. It blooms a cluster of gorgeous small flowers in orange, crimson, and purple accents.

53. Mexican Fan Palm

Types of Palm Plants 27

Botanical Identify: Washingtonia robusta

There are a lot of the reason why Individuals applaud this palm selection a lot. It’s cheap, resilient, cold-hardy, and presents a exceptional presence.

54. Chusan Palm

Botanical Identify: Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Wagnerianus’

Excessive sturdiness and chilly hardiness make Miniature Chusan an amazing palm for inexperienced persons. It blooms small yellow flowers that additional produce inedible purple fruits.

55. Mule Palm

Types of Palm Plants 28

Botanical Identify: Butiagrus nabonnandii

Mule Palm is a uncommon and costly tree with unbelievable tolerance in the direction of chilly, drought, and wind. It blooms small pink flowers in clusters and might stand up to 20-30 toes tall.

56. Previous Man Palm

Botanical Identify: Coccothrinax crinita

Previous Man Palm showcases a slim trunk coated with thick woolen fibers. It’s a uncommon, costly, and slow-growing selection and grows as much as 10-20 toes tall.

57. Orange Crownshaft Palm

Types of Palm Plants 29

Botanical Identify: Areca vestiaria

Native to Moluccas Islands, this palm is an unique and uncommon tree with lush inexperienced feathery leaves. It wants moist, well-draining soil and reasonable watering to do effectively.

58. Pindo Palm

Botanical Identify: Butia capitata

This handy palm tree is legendary for producing juicy, edible fruits known as dates. They’re tremendous tasty and utilized in making jams and wines. It’s also well-known as jelly palm.

59. Purple King Palm

Types of Palm Plants 30

Botanical Identify: Archontophoenix purpurea

Popularly referred to as Mount Lewis King, this can be a beautiful palm selection and hails from Australia. It flaunts a fairly purple crownshaft.

60. Princess Palm

Botanical Identify: Dictyosperma album

Princess Palm resembles King Palm in seems and might stand up to 20-30 toes tall. It’s popularly referred to as Hurricane Palm, due to its potential to outlive robust hurricane storms.

61. Noticed Palmetto Palm

Types of Palm Plants 31

Botanical Identify: Serenoa repens

In comparison with different palm varieties, this can be a comparatively small and cold-hardy palm with minimal care wants. It’s native to Florida and could be simply grown from seeds.

62. Spindle Palm

Botanical Identify: Hyophorbe verschaffeltii

This elegant palm selection is called after its clean spindle-shaped trunk. It grows slowly and might stand up to 10-20 toes tall. It’s one of the vital in style forms of palm vegetation.

63. Teddy Bear

Types of Palm Plants 32

Botanical Identify: Neodypsis lastelliana

Teddy Bear Palm showcases unbelievable crimson crown shafts and lengthy feathery leaves. It additionally blooms pale yellow flowers from Might to August.

64. Vacationers Palm

Botanical Identify: Ravenala madagascariensis

Vacationers Palm flaunts colourful fronds in exceptional shades of orange, yellow and inexperienced. It’s native to Madagascar and one of the vital in style palm varieties.

65. Triangle Palm

Types of Palm Plants 33

Botanical Identify: Dypsis decaryi

Triangle Palm is a uniquely formed decorative tree with a putting look. It grows greatest in full daylight and can also be simple to keep up and develop.

66. True Date Palm

Botanical Identify: Phoenix dactylifera

True Date Palm shares household with Pygmy and Canary Date Palm. It blooms clusters of gorgeous yellow and white flowers which later produce super-nutritious date fruits.

67. Windmill Palm

Types of Palm Plants 34

Botanical Identify: Trachycarpus fortunei

It is a slow-growing palm tree well-known for withstanding freezing temperatures. It’s native to China and might stand up to 10-20 toes tall in peak.

68. Arikury Palm

Botanical Identify: Syagrus schizophylla

Arikury Palm is an excellent selection for accenting small tropical gardens. It options beautiful deep-green fronds rising in an upright sample.

69. Arenga Palm

Types of Palm Plants 35

Botanical Identify: Arenga engleri

Formosa is an extra-ordinary palm tree with a number of trunks and engaging inexperienced fronds. It will possibly develop as much as 6-Eight toes tall and thrives effectively in keen on full daylight.

70. Coontie Palm

Botanical Identify: Zamia pumila

Regardless of its title, Coontie just isn’t a palm, it’s a cycad plant with palm-like traits. It will possibly solely develop as much as 3-Four toes tall and makes a extremely decorative addition to containers.

71. Zombie Palm

Types of Palm Plants 36

Botanical Identify: Zombia antillarum

Zombie palm is extremely well-known for its putting appereance and excessive tolerance. It showcases a number of trunks wrapped in needles and bright-green feathery leaves.

72. Wettinia Palm

Picture Supply:-palmpedia

Botanical Identify: Wettinia maynensis

Wettinia Palm is usually discovered within the wild forests of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. It will possibly stand up to 40-50 toes tall. It’s additionally one of the vital in style forms of palm vegetation.

73. Kosi Palm

Types of Palm Plants 37

Botanical Identify: Raphia australis

The enormous palm or rafia showcases the longest leaves of any plant and might develop as much as a staggering peak of 50-60 toes. It’s fast-growing and never simply obtainable worldwide.

74. Needle Palm

Botanical Identify: Rhapidophyllum hystrix

This palm has a number of stems as a substitute of a single trunk from the place it grows 2-Three toes lengthy fan-shaped leaves. It wants reasonable watering and straightforward to take care of.

75. Kaivatu Palm

Types of Palm Plants 38

Botanical Identify: Veitchia vitiensis

Native to Fiji Islands, Kaivatu Palm is a pretty tree that includes a slender trunk and yellow-green arching fronds. It’s a fast-growing selection and prefers well-draining soil.

76. Winin Palm

Botanical Identify: Veitchia winin

Winin Palm hails from Vanuatu Islands and well-known for its unbelievable appereance. It contains a slender trunk, pale inexperienced crown shaft, and feathery leaves.

77. Trithrinax Palm

Types of Palm Plants 39

Botanical Identify: Trithrinax schizophylla

Trithrinax Palm is a tall and strong palm selection with excessive chilly resistance. It contains a cluster of trunks coated with woody spines and engaging palm leaves.

78. Dragonhead Palm

Picture Supply:-palmtalk

Botanical Identify: Trachycarpus nanus

Also called Yunnan Dwarf Palm, that is a chic trunk-less palm selection. It’s extremely adaptable to a variety of rising situations.

79. Amargo Palm

Types of Palm Plants 40
Picture Supply:-davesgarden

Botanical Identify: Welfia regia

Amargo Palm is native to Costa Rica and appears magnificent with its red-brown trunk. It will possibly stand up to a staggering peak of 50-60 toes. It’s one of the vital in style forms of palm vegetation.

80. Stone Gate Palm

Botanical Identify: Trachycarpus princeps

Popularly referred to as Gongshan Palm, this can be a medium-sized palm with blue-green feathery leaves. It reveals a reasonably quick progress in comparison with different palms.

81. Desk Palm

Botanical Identify: Livistona rotundifolia

It is a in style indoor palm selection with daring rounded evergreen leaves and medium care wants. Its often known as Serdang, Footstool Palm, and Spherical Leaf Fan Palm.

82. Fishtail Palm

Botanical Identify: Caryota mitis

This distinctive palm is native to Southeast Asia and options fishtail like dark-green leaves. Toddy, Large, and Clumping are a few of its hottest varieties.

83. Ponytail Palm

Botanical Identify: Beaucarnea recurvata

The strong trunk of Ponytail Palm resembles an elephant’s foot in appereance topped by a rosette of lengthy leathery leaves. It isn’t a real palm selection.



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